Redefining Sports Protection

XProTeX challenges traditional methods of sports protection with the latest in advanced materials and a cutting-edge approach. Our designs bring technology and innovations from extreme sports to team sports, starting with baseball and softball. The foundation of XProTeX is our patented Advanced Impact Composite™ (AIC™) material. It provides a lightweight, flexible, cooler and a less restrictive solution to body protection with greater coverage of vulnerable body parts and better impact resistance than current products on the market.


Currently, athletes of all levels are sorely underprotected in many vital areas. The most common injuries are to the elbow, shin, foot, and hands. The hands are one of the most complex parts of our body, and also the most vulnerable to injury with many small bones, blood vessels, nerve endings and tendons just under the surface of the skin. There is not much muscle or fat in this area to help cushion against impacts. XProTeX's breakthrough RevoluXion Series glove line offers cutting-edge hand and wrist protection that sets a new standard In the industry.

We Protect Athletes

Whether you’re a young player just starting, a recreational player, a high school or collegiate player, or a multimillion-dollar superstar, you can’t afford to be injured. Injuries not only affect the player who is injured, they affect the team, the school, the league, the parent, and the agent.

We are filling the protection void in areas left unprotected by equipment that has changed little in the sport over the years. AIC™ is an impact-absorbing intelligent material developed through 30 months of R&D and testing refinement. The use of AIC™ in our protection allows us to provide the athlete with greater coverage, less restriction of movement, and a cooler, lighter solution to minimize injury to the most vulnerable body parts.

Which XPROTEX products use AIC™?

Currently XProTeX has seven gloves to protect the player. Four utilize AIC™ to provide finger, hand and wrist protection, along with unique catchers hand and wrist protection. There are other models to protect fielders and there are even special gloves for base running. There are new solutions to protect batters’ elbows and shins, softball knees and shins, as well as heart guards for youth players and a skull cap to be worn under the cap and/or helmet for additional head protection. More innovative products are currently under development.